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Arizona State University has the largest enrollment of any university in the United States. If you don’t have the extra time to attend classes at a school you can still earn a degree with Arizona State University Online at The online school offers a multitude of degrees in a wide variety of studies.

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  • The website of Arizona State University Online
  • Offers many different degree options
  • Online courses from a reputable university Pricing & Refund Policy

To enroll in an online course at Arizona State University Online costs different amounts depending on if you are signing up for an undergraduate or a graduate program. Tuition for undergraduate programs runs from $480 to $543 per credit. Graduate programs range between $482 to $852 per credit. There is a 100 percent refund policy that ends after the first week of course.

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Arizona State University Online is regarded as offering one of the best online programs in the country. Many satisfied students have ranted about how great it was to be able to pursue their degrees even though they did not have the opportunity to attend classes on a campus. A lot of parents and working people have benefitted greatly from the opportunity to earn a degree online through Arizona State University. The only complaint is that tuition can be expensive, but for the content provided it seems well worth the investment.

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If earning a degree online is one of your personal goals, than I strongly recommend enrolling in Arizona State University Online. The ASU online program is considered to be one of the best online programs in the country. With the countless satisfied students that have earned degrees using, you have peace of mind knowing that you made a great investment in your future. Pros and Cons:


  • Earn a degree online through the Arizona State University Online program
  • Offers many different courses and degree programs
  • Arizona State University is a reputable university


  • Tuition can be expensive
  • Requires discipline and self-motivation to be successful with online courses
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