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apple pro peeler
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About Apple Pro Peeler – As Seen on TV

The Apple Pro Peeler peels and cores apples effortlessly and without leaving a mess or damaging the fruit. Each peeler is made of a sturdy transparent plastic and has a stainless steel blade for peeling and a spike holder to ensure accuracy, as well as two extra blades and a corer slicer for apple pies. The Apple Pro-Peeler can easily be set up anywhere thanks to its 4 sturdy suction cup feet making it ideal for out of town trips. The Peeler is cleaned with warm, soapy water and cloth.

The Apple Pro Peeler was originally featured on As Seen on TV infomercials, and it’s seamless functionality led some to wonder if the Apple Pro-Peeler is a scam. But now you can find out if the Apple Pro-Peeler works as well as advertised on its infomercials by just scrolling below and reading independent user reviews of the product.

Apple Pro-Peeler Pricing and Details

  • Product Type: Kitchen Gadgets
  • Price: $19.95
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Primary Color: Clear
  • Includes: two spare blades, blade covers, spike holder, and recipes
  • Overall Product Weight: 1lbs

Decide for yourself if the Apple Pro Peeler is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • “Wonderful invention! Shaves the skin off without leaving gouges in the flesh of the apple. Fast and efficient. Extra blades provided for future use. I had bought a flat of apples to make applesauce. Was able to peel half the flat in 20 minutes. No more cramping in my hands from peeling by hand. Easy clean up. I have an alpaca farm and took the peelings and cores out to the alpacas to eat. They were extremely happy. No waste.
  • “This is so easy to use, efficeint and a quick clean up! I had purchased one of those old fashioned metal ones on Ebay that was useless, sent it back. I decided to give this one a try and I am so happy I did. It makes apple peeling a breeze! I just wish they would provide information on where to purchase replacemnet blades. “
  • Works great & really quick to peel & core apples. Just wish there was a way to order more blades although 2 came with it. But I’m sure after peeling about a bushel of apples will need to order more.

Negative Experiences

  • It just doesn’t work! It tears up apples rather than skin them.The lower prongs rip out the bottom of the apple when trying to use this thing. The suction cup base wont adhere to my matt finish granite counters. The blade cuts a little, then skips a large section & then tears out a chunk.
  • The blade doesn’t go all around the apple so it’s not completely peeled. Also the blade only turns at certain angle so the size of the apple will affect how it’s going to be peeled. The handle is also hard to turn, so if you have a soft core apple this junk would not work at all!
  • Nothing special about this peeler. Many of the older metal (sturdier) peelers peel, core and slice. This one just peels and its plastic. The corer I made use of while canning pears and it worked wonderfully. Probably could go to kitchen store and get a corer for half the price of this kit.
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