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Amazon Dash
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About Amazon Dash

Do you regularly buy from Amazon Prime but still have to make last minute trips to the store when you’re running low and don’t have time to place an order? Amazon Dash remedies this by providing a button that can be pressed for an immediate shipment of a specific product when you’re running low.

Features and Benefits

Each button comes with an adhesive back and a hook so you can hang or stick it anywhere. It’s handy to have in the laundry room or pantry. The button syncs to the Amazon app on your phone and connects to your home wifi so you can set up which products to refill and how much with each press. An order is immediately placed after the first press and unless you choose otherwise, the Dash button only responds to your first press until your order is delivered.


Dash is currently available for free to invited Prime customers. You can request a button at

Does Amazon Dash Work?

We’ll find out soon! Amazon is testing this product on an invite-only basis, so right now it’s only a trial run.



Instantly refill commonly used products with the press of a button
Saves time


Only available to Prime invitees at the moment

Bottom Line: Should You Ask For A Dash Button?

They’re free, so why not? But really, the Dash button is a great idea, and if you regularly use Amazon Prime for household products, this would be very handy to have.


To ask Amazon more about this, you can reach them here:

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