AirBedz Mattress [Reviews] As Seen on Shark Tank

AirBedz Truckbed Mattresses
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About AirBedz Mattresses – As Seen on Shark Tank

Airbedz, are specifically designed, quality mattresses that are made to fit in the back of your pick-up truck or SUV. This heavy-duty mattress will turn any car sleeping experience better, and well worth it! With this product, you don’t have to worry about your wheel wells because the Airbedz mattresses are made inward toward the middle to avoid them! Airbedz have a built-in deflating and rechargeable pump, to make inflating easier. Since the Airbedz mattresses are so amazing, they can be used outside for camping or used inside as guest bed. They are incredibly comfortable, and are perfect for people that are constantly on the go, and need a quick place to sleep!

If your interested in buying the Airbedz mattresses, than you should go for it! They are comfortable, long-lasting, durable, and are custom-sized for your truck or SUV. The cool thing about this mattress is that it fits the entire truck bed, and instantly makes you at rest through the night. Awesome for camping trips, or relaxing at home, this versatile mattress will satisfy all your needs. Before buying be aware of the size, and make sure the Airbedz product is what you are in need for! At our company we want you to feel great about the products you buy! For additional information, read the customer reviews below!

Airbedz Pricing and Details

  • Price: $179.99 (AirBedz Original)

$119.99 (AirBedz Lite)

$17.99 (AirBedz Accessories)

  • Inflated Dimensions: 75″x63″x12″
  • Warranty: 1 year

Decide for yourself if the AirBedz Mattress is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I put this in a 2010 Silverado Ext. Cab Reg Bed (6’7″ I think). It makes a true full size queen bed. Very comfortable. I’m 6’2″ 200 lbs, and it supported both me and my wife with no loss of air what-so-ever. Great product that we plan on using when we can’t take our camper. May be pricey but well worth it. Sure beats a sleeping bag on the ground.


  • Do not hesitate to buy this mattress if you are considering it. I have had bad luck with air mattresses before; they lose air, uncomfortable, wake up in the middle of the night on deflated rubber. I have used this AirBedz mattress three times and I LOVE it! I am a big man — 6’7″ over 250 pounds — and my wife and I slept on it with no loss of air or any problems whatever. And it inflates with a flick of a switch.


  • This air mattress is awesome. By far the best I’ve ever slept on. We used it this weekend and I filled it with air at the beginning of the weekend and the last morning when I woke up it still was very firm. We slept on it 2 nights and a nap 1 day. I never had to add air to it! It holds air great! Very comfortable.

Negative Experiences 

  • I bought this mattress hoping that it would be durable and long lasting, so much for that. My girlfriend is using it until she gets a bed for her apartment and It is already losing air! By morning the mattress sags in the center. This is a major disappointment considering how expensive the mattress was. From the pictures, this item looked like it would stand up to anything. I guess not.


  • I ordered this air mattress for the bed of my husband’s truck so we could go camping in it. We were extra careful to handle the air mattress gingerly, even though the product claimed to be super tough. We put a blanket on the truck bed before inflating the air mattress just to be safe, even though padding your truck bed was not recommended by the manufacturer, but still woke the next morning to a deflated bed.
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