Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice) [REVIEWS]

Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice)
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Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice)

Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice, is a supplement to solve all of your digestive problems. It has a four part action plan wherein your digestive tract gets a janitorial treatment and is given some bacteria. This means the supplement is supposed to clean the tract, clean the toxins, and then send in some healthy bacteria to get the digestive wheels turning. The supplement is meant to upkeep good digestion, making your immune system healthier and you happier. The main ingredient is acai, the berry very popular in the healthy eating industry. However, Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice) is also comprised of other ingredients to promote healthy digestion.

About Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice)

Botanic Choice, a one hundred year health and beauty company, prides itself on its natural products. Acai Daily Cleanse is one of its natural products, and by natural we mean herbal. The herbal supplement provides a whopping 1000 milligrams of the famous acai, along with other herbs and extracts and whatnot to get all the intestines and stomach doing their jobs properly. Among these ingredients are obscure sounding things like psyllium seed husk and cascara sagrada, and some familiar ingredients like green tea extract.

Pricing and Refund Policy for Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice)

A bottle of 90 capsules will cost regularly cost you $39.99, while on sale it only costs $12. You can also purchase the same bottle online from Walgreens for $9. If you want to return your purchase, Botanic Choice does offer a refund, even if the product has been opened and used.

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Reviews for Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice)

Customer feedback for this supplement has been mixed. Some customers are satisfied with how the supplement works, saying that Acai Daily Cleanse is something that helps keep them regular but is not a laxative. Positive reviews say that the product is not hard on their system and they haven’t had any issues using it, in other words, no side effects. On the other hand, there are customers that say this product is something that did not work for them and they stopped using it. The supplement did not help them get regular. While certain customers see the gentleness of this supplement to be a plus, it’s so gentle for others that it’s pretty much worthless.

Pros and Cons of Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice)


  • Botanic Choice has a money back guarantee.
  • The product is gentle and people have not noted any negative side effects.
  • The supplement is herbal.


  • The product seems to have a 50/50 chance of working for your system.
  • While customers have not complained of any side effects, it is possible that these herbal ingredients could negatively impact you in some way, including cramps or stomach pains, or interact with health conditions and medication.

Benefits and Side Effects of Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice)

What is Acai good for, besides confusing people on its pronunciation? Acai has many benefits, but in relation to this product it can help with digestive health. The detoxification properties and fiber in acai promote good digestion. Acai does not have any side effects. The psyllium seed husk in this supplement has been known to treat constipation. It benefits you by making stool softer and helps the stool move around in your intestines. However, there is a down side to this husk—it comes with the risk of stomach pains or gas. Cascara sagrada is another key ingredient in this supplement that might cause stomach pains or even cramping. This ingredient comes from a shrub and is effective as a laxative. Green tea extract is also found in Acai Daily Cleanse. Green tea is renowned for all of its benefits, including boosts immunity, reduces stress, and provides the body with essential antioxidants. While the caffeine that is found in green tea, and other teas, has been known to have some negative side effects, for the most part green tea is a very healthy addition to the diet.

Bottom Line—Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice)

Having a list of ingredients known to have laxative properties is a sign that taking it could very well help your digestion get a move on. So, if you’re having trouble with that taking this herbal supplement is worth a shot. Try Acai Daily Cleanse (Botanic Choice), because it has so many ingredients benefiting digestive health all in one place. However, it’s good to proceed with caution and ask a doctor about it first, as there is a risk with taking any supplement.

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