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24 Hour Fitness
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What is 24 Hour Fitness?

It is the world’s largest (by memberships) privately owned and operated fitness center chain, and third in number of clubs behind Gold’s Gym and Fitness First of the UK. It currently has over 400 clubs, 18,000+ employees in 18 states in the U.S.A plus three more overseas. Since the company was established, it has remained true to its motto of “improving lives through fitness”, and has become very popular for the numerous benefits the club offers members. The “24 hour fitness centers” has an estimated 3 million members in the US and other parts of the world.

About 24 Hour Fitness benefits:

  • Those who join 24 Hour Fitness will gain access to the various features and privileges that other people have been availing of for the past 25 years. Members choose to buy get access to a single or several clubs found throughout all of the United States locations.
  • Most clubs are open 24 hours a day. Enjoy state of the art facilities with latest and complete fitness equipment, resistance and cardio training and energetic group exercise classes. In addition members get access to their extensive online nutrition guides and programs as well as expert guidance from their certified personal trainers, numbering more than 4,000+.
  • Besides those already mentioned, 24 Hour Fitness membership also includes amenities like volleyball, racquetball, basketball and you can also get a massage and use their heated pools as well. Members also get to use steam rooms, whirlpools and saunas.
  • At these fitness clubs, you can enjoy latest state-of-the-art equipment, cardio and resistance training, online nutrition support through programs, high-energy Group workout classes, and guidance from staff of more than 3,000+ Personal Trainers and coaches nationwide.

Decide for yourself if the 24 Hour Fitness is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • (New York, NY) I really love this gym! Clean, lots of towels, lots of cardio machines, a good assortment of weight-lifting machines and dumbbells,
  • (New York, NY) It also has a lower membership fee than most NYC gym.
  • (Atherton, CA) I just moved to this area and I have to say this 24 hour fitness is much cleaner, much less crowded, and has much newer equipment than the one I used to go to in San Jose. I like, I believe I will be coming back lots.
  • (Houston,TX) It was a simple 24 Hour Fitness Sport but it was clean and didn’t smell like sweat and BO like so many other gyms do. Each time I went, it was not crowded. I got to do several sessions on the cardio machines because there were no wait lines.

Negative Experiences

  • (Belmont,CA) honestly one of the worst possible gyms I’ve ever been to. If there was a level below “Sport”, this should be it. Extremely crowded at all hours of the day, dirty, and broken down. It is completely obvious that the owner of this establishment had stopped caring. Broken water fountains, broken gym equipment, broken everything! I worked out here for a week before I decided I no longer wanted to work out and constantly be smelling the disgusting smell of sweat and mold that permeated the air. Cancelled my membership and never coming back.
  • (Moreno Valley, CA) My complaint is I am a lifetime member but still had to pay $29.00 a yearly fee for the New 24 hr. I paid $49.00 for my regular membership. Why is there an additional fee just because it is a “super-sport”? It isn’t any better than the Club in Corona: they have a pool, sauna and basketball court and a tennis court (I Think). And Fontana also has these extras but DO NOT CHARGE extra. So why do we have to pay extra for an extra word “super”?
  • (Palmdale, CA) For the last year and a half, I have not been able to exercise or go to any club due to health issues. I also was late on paying my yearly fee of $29. Now I’m finally getting my health to the point of being able to work out at the club, but was not allowed because according to the 24 hour fitness associate since I didn’t pay the $29 my account was canceled! “Really???” I said. “I have a lifetime membership! I paid over $800 for it! And now because of a measly $29 you’re going to cancel my lifetime membership?” They said, “Yes”. I said, “Shouldn’t I have been notified that my account would be canceled for nonpayment?” They said “yes”. But I never was notified of anything of that this sort…this is ridiculous! This must be another way that 24 Hour Fitness is trying to phase people out of these lifetime contracts.
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